Kitchen Tile & Countertop Trends

Tile has been a popular material in kitchens for decades. Kitchen design is constantly evolving, and the latest trends will inspire you whether you’re remodeling or simply updating your current look. Check out these top kitchen tile and countertop trends for stylish, updated, and functional kitchen area ideas. Whether your style is classic, contemporary, modern, or somewhere in between, you’re sure to find something that inspires you!


Consider natural or engineered stone slabs as the new tiled backsplash if you want to make a statement with your kitchen remodel. They provide an alluringly bold look that is much easier and more effective than traditional tile surfaces when cleaning up after cooking messes or spills.



The natural beauty and unique quality of handcrafted tiles are something we see emerging this year. With a shift in design trend toward texture, you will find handcrafted tiles showcased throughout different areas with an emphasis on the material’s natural appearance. This trend is sought after by those who want to project a warm and comfortable look and feel in their homes. 



Dark granite countertops are gaining popularity this year, with Galaxy Black and Absolute Black leading the pack. Dark granite is versatile, creates a strong design look, and is found in various color hues and patterns. They also pair well with most cabinetry colors, providing a lot of design flexibility. 


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