Color Spotlight: Alpinus Quartzite

Alpinus Quartzite is a natural masterpiece that embodies both elegance and resilience. Its unique blend of white, cream, and beige tones interspersed with subtle gray and gold veining creates a sophisticated and timeless look. This quartzite’s dynamic patterns make it a standout choice for homeowners and designers aiming to elevate their kitchen, bathroom, or living […]

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Color Spotlight: Duetto Leather

Introducing Duetto Leather quartzite, now featured in the Color Spotlight at Crowe Custom Countertops. This unique quartzite is celebrated for its sophisticated leathered finish, which provides a luxurious texture and enhances the stone’s natural beauty. Duetto Leather quartzite features a captivating blend of soft whites and grays with subtle veining that adds depth and elegance

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Color Spotlight: Delicatus White

Delicatus White granite is a stunning natural stone that brings elegance and sophistication to any space. Known for its bright and airy aesthetic, this granite features a pristine white background with intricate black and gray mineral veining, creating a captivating contrast that enhances both modern and traditional interiors. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or

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Color Spotlight: Crema Bordeaux

Crema Bordeaux granite is renowned for its rich, dramatic appearance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a bold and luxurious look. This granite features a vibrant blend of deep reds, rich golds, and warm creams, creating a stunning tapestry of color. The dynamic patterns and swirling veins within Crema Bordeaux evoke a sense

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Color Spotlight: Calacatta Tree 

Calacatta Tree quartz is renowned for its luxurious appearance, mimicking the natural beauty of Calacatta marble. This engineered stone boasts a striking white background adorned with dramatic, bold veining in shades of gray and gold. Each slab is a unique piece of art, making it a perfect focal point for any space. The veins of

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New Arrival: Calacatta Sylvia

Introducing the exquisite Calacatta Sylvia, now available at Crowe Custom Countertops. This stunning quartz captures the luxurious essence of classic Calacatta marble, featuring a bright white background accented by bold, flowing gray veining. The dramatic patterns of Calacatta Sylvia make it an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of timeless elegance to

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Color Spotlight: Superlative Leather 

Experience the unparalleled beauty and sophistication of Superlative Leather quartzite countertops, available exclusively at Crowe Custom Countertops. Superlative Leather quartzite is renowned for its distinctive texture and rich color variations, reminiscent of luxurious leather. With its warm beige base and subtle veining in shades of gray and taupe, this quartzite exudes elegance and adds a

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June Review Post 2024

June Review Post 2024

“Crowe is a great place to do your countertops. They did my house when we built it in 2017. We just finished a bed/bath in our basement so they did our vanity top. They are top quality & Lori Sheen is so easy to work with!” -Mary Cannon  Thank you Mary for your continued trust

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Color Spotlight: Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda granite is a stunning choice for any kitchen or bathroom remodel, offering a unique blend of colors and patterns that can transform any space into a sophisticated oasis. This granite, available at Crowe Custom Countertops, is prized for its captivating hues and luxurious appeal. Costa Esmeralda granite is known for its enchanting green

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