Color Spotlight: Calacatta Lincoln

At Crowe Custom Countertops, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on Calacatta Lincoln, a stunning quartz countertop option that adds elegance and style to any space. This beautiful design features a white background with bold, dramatic veining in shades of gray and gold, reminiscent of the luxurious Calacatta marble. The unique veining of Calacatta Lincoln […]

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Color Spotlight: Coral Gold

Dive into the warm and inviting allure of Coral Gold granite, a standout selection in the Color Spotlight at Crowe Custom Countertops. Known for its striking beauty, Coral Gold granite is a premium material that combines robust functionality with breathtaking aesthetics, ideal for transforming any countertop into a centerpiece of your home or office. Coral

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Color Spotlight: Porcelain Statuario Apuane Matte

Experience the sleek elegance of Porcelain Statuario Apuane Matte, featured in the Color Spotlight at Crowe Custom Countertops. Porcelain Statuario Apuane Matte captures the timeless look of Italian Statuario marble with its distinct bold veining on a luminous white background. However, unlike natural marble, this porcelain variant offers enhanced durability and low maintenance. The matte

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Customer review for March

“Wow, just wow. Had the best experience purchasing and having countertops and sink installed. From the moment we started speaking with Woody to having these countertops installed my girlfriend and I have been impressed. Great options to choose from and knowledgeable team. The end result was amazing. Thinking about new countertops, stop searching and go

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Crowe Custom Countertops is excited to unveil our Spring Sales Event, slated for March 19 to April 30, 2024. This season, we’re celebrating the beauty and resilience of custom countertops, offering exceptional deals across our diverse range of materials, including quartz, granite, marble, and more. As the cornerstone of any kitchen or bathroom, countertops not only


Color Spotlight: Breeze

Crowe Custom Countertops is delighted to feature Breeze quartz in our Color Spotlight, offering a fresh and serene aesthetic to any interior space. Breeze quartz is celebrated for its light, airy appearance, which brings a sense of calm and cleanliness to kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond. Its subtle, whisper-soft color palette of whites and pale grays

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Color Spotlight: Black Marinace

Crowe Custom Countertops is excited to present Black Marinace granite in our Color Spotlight, offering a distinctive and bold choice for those looking to make a dramatic impact in their design space. Black Marinace granite is known for its unique composition, resembling a riverbed filled with smooth pebbles. Its dark background, enriched with an array

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Color Spotlight: Bruno White Marble

We are thrilled to introduce our latest Color Spotlight: Bruno White Marble. This exquisite marble countertop option is a perfect choice for homeowners who desire a timeless and elegant look for their kitchen or bathroom. Bruno White Marble is known for its seamless blend of subtle white tones and delicate gray veining, creating a sophisticated

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Color Spotlight: Black Pearl

sophisticated and versatile stone that brings depth and elegance to any design project. Black Pearl granite is a standout choice for homeowners and designers aiming to make a statement with their countertop selection. Black Pearl granite is celebrated for its rich, deep black background, beautifully highlighted by subtle hints of silver, gold, and green flecks

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