Another Great Review: Crowe Custom Countertops® is Committed to Providing High-Quality Services

Here’s another great review from one of our satisfied clients:

“Working with Crowe Custom Countertops® was an fabulous experience.  The amount of granite choices that they have is nearly overwhelming but that’s where their consultants come in.  They walk you through their stock where you get to see the entire slabs, not just a 4X4 sample. The consultant gets a feel for your tastes and writes down as many pieces that catch your eye.  When I came back the second time, I narrowed it down to 3 options and then brought my husband in. My husband did not know the cost of any of the pieces and interestingly enough, he chose the least costly one because of it’s beauty and impeccable look.  We also purchased our faucets through them which made it an easy install having it all together. I would highly recommend Crowe Custom Countertops®. We will definitely use them again.” – Sheryl Spohn

“Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback! We are truly happy that you visited our warehouse. Thank you for recommending us, we will strive harder to satisfy our clients event more. Please do not hesitate to call us with this number 678-574-4116  if you will be needing our assistance.” Crowe Custom Countertops®